Reorder Book

County Offices-General Information
Election to Office
Insurance as a Substitute for Bonds
Fee System or Salary System
Association Dues
Deputies and Assistants
Expense Accounts
County Legislative Body
County Mayor
Duties of the Chairperson (or Chairperson Pro Tempore)
Meetings and Notice Requirements -CLB
The Agenda
Required Training
Procedure and Voting Requirements-CLB
Sample Meeting Transcript
Quorum Requirements
Types of Motions
Qualifications and Title-County Mayor
Budgeting and Levying Taxes-CLB
Compensation-County Mayor
Private Act Approvals-CLB
Relationship to County Legislative Body-County Mayor
Duties-County Mayor
Other Duties-CLB
Accounting Officer-County Mayor
Financial Officer-County Mayor
Powers-County Mayor
Other Legal Authority
Interaction with other County Offices-County Mayor
Assessor of Property
Qualifications-Assessor of Property
Oath of Office and Bond-Assessor of Property
Compensation-Assessor of Property
Deputies and Assistants-Assessor of Property
Duties-Assessor of Property
Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-Assessor of Property
County Clerk
General-County Clerk
Qualifications-County Clerk
Oath of Office and Bond-County Clerk
Compensation-County Clerk
Fee or Non-Fee Office-County Clerk
Deputies and Assistants-County Clerk
Duties-County Clerk
Clerk of the County Legislative Body
Notary Public Applications
Qualifications, Election and Powers
Notary Public Bonds
Oaths-Notary Public
Notary Public Seal
Statutory Form Acknowledgment
Notary Public Fees
Records-County Clerk
Public Records
Confidential Tax Information
Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act
Confidential Employee Records
Records on Computer Media
Storage and Disposition of Records
Archives and Records Management Fee
Privilege Taxes
Motor Vehicle Titling and Registration
Boat Trailer Registration
Manufactured Homes
Titling of Manufactured Homes
Affidavit of Affixation
Certificate of Title
Installation Permits
Miscellaneous Powers and Duties of the County Clerk
Drainage and Levee Districts
Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Boat Identification Numbers
Acknowledgment of Instruments, Affidavits, and Administration of Oaths
Other Powers and Duties
Denial of Licenses for Failure to Pay Child Support
Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-County Clerk
Financial Matters-County Clerk
Fees-County Clerk
Official Bank Account-County Clerk
Duties as to Revenue-County Clerk
Auditing-County Clerk
Purchasing-County Clerk
Budgeting-County Clerk
Definition of Beer
Who Can Marry?
Common Law Marriages
Obtaining a Marriage License
Issuance of the License
Minimum Age of Applicants
Issuance to Incapacitated Persons Forbidden
False Documents
County Clerk Violations
Contesting the Issuance of a Marriage License
Classification of Counties
Authority of Cities and Class B (Metropolitan Government) Counties
Authority of Class A Counties
The County Beer Board
Board Membership
Board Authority
Solemnizing a Marriage
Beer Permits
Permits - To Whom Issued
Permitted Location
On-Premises or Off-Premises Consumption
Microbreweries and Brew Pubs
Temporary Beer Permits
Beer Permit Application
Marriage Ceremony
Application Fee for Beer Permit
Out-of-State Ceremonies
Background Checks
Remuneration for Solemnizing a Marriage
Public Notice of Applications and Hearings
Certification and Return of the License
Denial of Beer Permits
Expiration/Termination of Beer Permits
Solemnizing Marriage Between Incapable Persons
Hours of Operation
Marriage Records
Fees and Taxes
Distance Rules
The 2,000 Foot Rule
Distance Rules of Less than 2,000 Feet
The 300 Foot Rule
Measuring to Enforce Distance Rules
Additional Fee, Premarital Preparation Course
Grandfather Provisions
Failure to Perform Collection Duties
Restoring an Invalid Distance Rule
Prohibition of Beer in Public Parks
Prohibited Acts
Minors and the Beer Laws
Sting Operations Using Minors
Employing Persons Convicted of Certain Crimes
Sale of Untaxed Beer - Contraband
Storage at Other Than Permit Address
Outdoor Signs
Wholesaler/Retailer Relationship
Tennessee Responsible Vendor Act
Responsible Vendor Certification
Responsible Vendor Signage
Responsible Vendor Provisions Affecting Beer Boards
Revocation, Suspension, and Imposition of Civil Penalties
Hearings and Due Process
Reciprocal Notices of Suspensions and Revocations with ABC
Judicial Review of Beer Board Action
State Barrels Tax
Wholesale Beer Tax
Annual Privilege Tax
License Required
Eligibility for License
Application for License
Issuance of License
Insurance Requirement
Transferability of License
Authority of Licensed Pawnbrokers
Operation of the Business and Recordkeeping Requirements
Recordkeeping and Notice Requirements
Interest Rate and Fees
Hours of Operation
Prohibited Acts
Recovery of Stolen Property
Register of Deeds
Qualifications-Register of Deeds
Oath of Office and Bond-Register of Deeds
Compensation-Registers of Deed
Deputies and Assistants-Registers of Deed
Duties-Register of Deeds
Instruments to be Recorded or Filed
Bundle of Rights Theory
Identification and Purpose of Most Common Instruments Relating to Real Property
Instruments Affecting Interests in Personal Property
Uniform Commercial Code Records
Identification and Purpose of UCC Instruments (Records)
Other Documents
Requirements for Acceptance of Instruments
Name and Address of Owner and Taxpayer
Reference to Previously Registered Instruments
Name and Address of Preparer
Parcel Identification Number
Payment of Transfer or Mortgage Tax
Electronic Records
Specific Rules for UCC Records
Specific Rules for Plats
Payment of the Statutory Fees
Proper Fees for Recording or Filing
Standard Fees
Data Processing Fee
Electronic Filing Fee
Partnership Fee Issues
UCC Fee Issues
Collection of State Taxes
Transfer Tax
Mortgage Tax
Most Common Exemptions from Tax
Other Tax Issues
Notations When Instrument Received
Recording, Filing and Indexing
Real Estate Deeds of Title
Deeds of Trust
UCC Records
Miscellaneous Records
Combined or Continuous Records
Records and Computers
Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act ("URPERA")
Notice of Child Support Liens
Other Records Duties
Military Discharge Records
Redaction of Personally Identifying Information
Financial Accounting Duties
Deposits and Bank Accounts-Register of Deeds
Form of Payment
Reports-Register of Deeds
Fee System or Salary System-Register of Deeds
Relationship to Other County Officials-Registers of Deeds
Sources of Assistance for Register of Deeds
County Trustee
Qualifications-County Trustee
Oath of Office and Bond-County Trustee
Fee System or Salary System-County Trustee
Compensation-County Trustee
Deputies and Assistants-Trustees
Duties-County Trustee
County Treasurer
Disbursement Warrants-County Trustee
Optional Checking Account
Statutory Commissions
Penalties for Failure to Perform Duties
Investment of County Funds
Relationship to Other County Officials-County Trustee
Clerks of Court
Qualifications-Clerks of Court
Oath of Office and Bond-Clerks of Court
Compensation-Clerks of Court
Deputies and Assistants-Clerks of Court
Duties-Clerks of Court
Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-Clerks of Court
Oath of Office and Bond-Sheriff
In-Service Training-Sheriffs
Newly Elected Sheriffs’ School
Funding for the Office of Sheriff
Deputies and Assistants-Sheriff
Employment of Deputies and Assistants
Salary Suits
Letters of Agreement
Funding for Salaries - Writ of Mandamus
Removal of Deputies and Assistants
Deputy Sheriffs
Minimum Qualifications
Recruit Training and Certification
Bond-Deputy Sheriff
In-Service Training Requirements
Authority to Carry Handguns
Salary Supplement-Deputy Sheriffs
Off-Duty Status
Off-Duty Employment
Reserve, Auxiliary, Part-Time, Temporary Deputy Sheriffs
Special Deputies Appointed Under T.C.A. § 8-8-212
Special Deputies - Emergency Appointment Under T.C.A. § 8-22-110
Criminal Investigators and Detectives
Jail Personnel
Nurse and Cook
Salary Supplement-Jail Personnel
Process Servers and Warrant Officers
Training Officers and Instructors
Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-Sheriff
Duties Upon Leaving Office-Sheriff
Vacancies in Office
Temporary Vacancies
Interim Successors
Procedure for Filling Vacancies
Election of Successor by the People