Reorder Book

Legal Framework for Purchasing
County Purchasing vs. Private Sector Purchasing
Centralized Purchasing in Counties
County Purchasing Law of 1957
Purchasing Agent
County Purchasing Commission
Rules and Regulations
Competitive Bidding under the 1957 Law
Checks and Balances under the 1957 Law
Additional Statutory Provisions
Conflict of Interest under the 1957 Law
County Financial Management System of 1981
Department of Finance
Financial Management Committee
Director of Finance
Purchasing System
Competitive Bidding under the 1981 Law
Checks and Balances under the 1981 Law
Conflict of Interest under the 1981 Law
Penalties for Violation of the Act
Centralized Purchasing by Private Act
Non-centralized Purchasing
County Purchasing Law of 1983
County Uniform Highway Law
Purchasing in County Education Departments
Dollar Threshold Requirements
Purchasing Principles and Techniques
Principles of Public Purchasing
What is Procurement in the Public Sector?
Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
The Role of the Purchasing Department
Procurement Process
The Purchasing Cycle
The Requisitioning Process
The Purchase Order
The Receiving Report
Procurement's Relation to Other Financial Functions
Procurement's Relation to Other Departments
Purchasing Specifications and Standards
Types of Purchasing Specifications
Purchasing Specification Development
Organization of the ITB/IFB/RFP (Specification)
Legal Authority for Specific Purchasing Issues
Emergency Purchases
Sole Source Purchases
Cooperative Purchasing
Forms of Cooperative Purchasing
Legal Authority for Cooperative Purchasing
Procurement Cards
Purchasing-Records Management
Disposition of Surplus Property
Disposition of Surplus Property in the Education Department
Disposition of Surplus Property in the Highway Department
Purchasing at Public Auctions
Transfer of Assets for Fire Protection
Purchase of Insurance
Electronic Procurement
Highways and Roads "Buy America" Act
Life Cycle Cost and Procurement Act
Purchasing from Disabled Persons
Construction Projects
Bonds on Construction Projects
Professional Services Contracts
Construction Management Services
Purchase of Used or Secondhand Goods
Contracts for Purchase of Natural Gas, Propane Gas or Electric Power
Public Contracts for Social Services
Solid Waste Authorities Competitively Bidding Contracts
Purchases from State Industries
Purchase of Confiscated Vehicles and Surplus State Property
Reverse Auctions
Fuel Purchase
Addenda to Bid Documents
Blind Vendors Program
Iran Divestment Act
Trends in County Purchasing
Professional Purchasing Organizations and Publications