Reorder Book

Additional Statutory Duties
Courtroom Security Committee
Disposal of Physical Evidence
Disposal of Unlawful Telecommunications Devices
Disposal of Alcoholic Beverages
Disposition of Confiscated Weapons
Disposition of Conveyance Used in Robbery or Felony Theft
Disposition of Controlled Substances and Related Property
Disposition of Vehicles
Enforcement of Ammunition Tax Laws
Enforcement of Hunting Laws
Enforcement of Wildlife Laws
Execution of Class 3 Weapons Purchase Documents
Handgun Carry Permit Application Checks
Intoxicating Liquors
Investigation of Child Abuse
Investigation of Drug Trademark Counterfeiting Cases
Investigation of Osteopathic Physicians
Notification to Next of Kin - Serious Accidents
Prevention of Forest Fires
Quarantine of Property Where Meth Was Manufactured
Registration of Sexual Offenders and Violent Sexual Offenders
Reports to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Reporting of Stolen and Recovered Motor Vehicles
Summoning Jurors
Transportation of Persons with a Mental Illness
Transportation of Juveniles
Ex Officio Duties
Statutory Powers
Assignment of Officers to Judicial District Drug Task Force
Authority to Authorize Deputies to Carry Handguns
Disposal of Property
Disposition of Stolen Property in Possession of Pawnbroker
Exchange of Officers With Other Law Enforcement Agencies
Inspection of Gun Dealer’s Records
Inspection of Pawnbroker’s Records
Investigations of Adult-Oriented Establishments
Motor Vehicles
Regulation of Private Security Guards
Seizure of Conveyance Used in Robbery or Felony Theft
Seizure of Controlled Substances and Related Property
Notice of Seizure
Forfeiture Warrant
Seizure of Vehicle
Shooting Ranges
Special Deputies
Service of Civil Process
Definitions for Civil Process
Sheriff’s Duty to Serve Civil Process
How a Dispute Becomes a Lawsuit: The Complaint and Summons
Return of Service
Avoiding Difficulties, Dilemmas, and Disasters
Keep It Simple
Levy On Disputed Property
Warrantless Searches
Never on Sunday
No Shopping Allowed
Service of Process by an Employee of a Party Is Prohibited
Witnesses and Parties
Serving a Company
Service of High-Risk Process
Child Custody Transfer Orders
Writs of Restitution
Orders of Protection
Definitions for Orders of Protection
Legislative Intent
Parties Who May Petition for an Order of Protection
Venue: Where the Petition May Be Filed
Ex Parte Protective Orders and Standard Orders of Protection
Serving the Order
Scope, Duration, and Enforceability of Protective Orders
The Duty to Arrest a Respondent Who Violates an Order of Protection
Ex Parte Orders and “Actual Knowledge”
Domestic Violence Victim Notification
The Public Duty Doctrine
Tennessee Code Quick Reference for Service of Civil Process
Sheriff’s Fees for Service of Process
Sheriff's Fees
Specific Fees Authorized
Fees on Collection of Costs
Judgments Paid after Execution Issued
Other Authorized Fees
Jailers' Fees