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Forms of County Government
County Government under the Tennessee Constitution
Article VII, Section 1: Elected Officials and Governmental Form
Article VII, Section 2: Vacancies In County Offices
Article XI, Section 9: Limitation on Power Over Local Affairs
Miscellaneous Tennessee Constitutional Provisions Affecting County Government
Traditional Structure
County Charters
County Consolidation Committee
City-County Consolidation
Metropolitan Government Charters
Unification Government Charters
Private Acts
Intergovernmental Agreements
Interlocal Agreements
Mutual Assistance and Mutual Aid Agreements
County Statutory Offices and Positions
County Attorney
County Medical Examiner
County Medical Investigator
County Coroner
Delinquent Tax Attorney
County Surveyor
County Fire Marshal
Boards, Commissions, and Committees
Authorities and Corporations
Industrial Development Corporation Board of Directors
Airport Authority Board of Commissioners
Emergency Communications District Board of Directors
Public Building Authority Board of Directors
Transit Authority Board
County Government Administration
Adult-Oriented Establishment Board
Commission for the Poor
County Agricultural Extension Committee
County Airport Board
County Board of Health
County Monument (Veterans Memorial) Commission
County Library Board
Trial Courts
Financial and Tax Administration
Jurisdiction of Circuit Court
Audit Committee
Jurisdiction of Chancery Court
Auditor Employment Committee
Concurrent Jurisdiction of Circuit and Chancery Courts.
Committee for Resale of Land
Jurisdiction of Criminal Courts
County Finance Committee
County Insurance Committee
County Revenue Commissioners
General Sessions and Other Inferior Courts
Law Enforcement and Corrections
General Sessions Court
Community Corrections Advisory Board
Jurisdiction of General Sessions Court
Juvenile Courts
County Bounty Committee
Probate Court
General Sessions Court and Interchange
County Sheriff's Civil Service Board
Special Courts
Parks, Recreation and Conservation
Judicial Commissioner
Parks and Recreation Board
County Conservation Board
Planning, Zoning and Development
Airport Zoning Board of Appeals
Historic Zoning Commission
County Board of Public Utilities
Utility District Board of Commissioners
Ethics Policies for Utilities