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Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes
Alcoholic Beverage Tax
Mixed Drink Tax (Liquor-by-the-Drink Tax)
Beer Tax (Barrels Tax)
Wholesale Beer Tax
Beer Permit Privilege Tax
Tobacco Tax
Business Taxes
Business Tax
Excise Tax Applied to Financial Institutions
Development Taxes and Infrastructure Funding
Fees of County Officers
Accounting for Fees
In Lieu of Tax Payments
TVA In Lieu of Tax Payments
Municipal Electric and Gas System Tax Equivalent Payments
Local Option Transit Surcharges
Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees
Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Taxes
Mobile Home Registration Fee
County Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax (Wheel Tax)
Other Taxes
Hall Income Tax
Hotel/Motel Tax
State Litigation Tax
County Litigation Taxes
Marriage License Taxes
Petroleum Products Taxes
Gasoline Tax
Diesel Tax
Special Privilege Tax on Petroleum Products
Liquefied Gas Tax
Compressed Natural Gas Tax
Highway User Fuel Tax
Property Taxes
Property Classification
Real Property
Public Utility and Common Carrier Property
Tangible Personal Property
Pollution Control
County Assessor
Records and Notice of Assessment
Assessing Improvements
Assessing Mobile Homes
Assessment of Leasehold
Mineral Interests
Classification of Agricultural Land
Classification of Forest Land
Classification of Open Space
Present Use Valuation
Rollback Taxes
Present Use Valuation for Certain Residential Property
Tangible Personal Property/Assessor
Leased Personal Property
Pilot Program for Assessing Leased Tangible Personal Property
Correction of Erroneous Assessments
Back Assessment or Reassessment
State Division of Property Assessments
Appealing an Assessment
County Board of Equalization
Oath of Office
Officers and Compensation
Duties and Powers
Assessor of Property—Assistance and Recommendations to the Board
Complaints to the County Board of Equalization
Hearing Officers
Disposition of Complaints
Time for Completion of Board Action and Certificate of Completion
Final Action and Notice to Taxpayer
Appeal to the State Board of Equalization
Record of Board's Action and Report to State Board
Remand of Complaints to the County Board of Equalization
State Board of Equalization
Appeal to the State Board of Equalization
Assistance of Agents
Assessment Appeals Commission
Hearing Examiners
Collection of Evidence and Information
Equalization Action by the State Board of Equalization
Changes of Individual Classification or Assessment
Certification of Board Action
Record of Board Actions
Finality of Board Action—Collection of Taxes
Penalties and Interest
Refund of Property Taxes after Final Action
Judicial Review
Exemptions and Tax Relief
Real Property Transferred between Exempt and Nonexempt Persons
Trust Estates
Government Property
Public Ways
Government Bonds and Notes
Housing Authorities
Low Cost Housing for Elderly Persons
Property Used to Recycle Waste Products
Private Act Hospital Authorities
Charter or Contract Exemptions
Religious, Charitable, Scientific, Educational Institutions
Application for Exemption
Deadlines for Filing Application
Administrative and Judicial Review
Revocation of Exemption
Charitable Institution Defined
Property of Certain Educational Institutions
Cemeteries and Monuments
Personal Bank Accounts and Other Personal Property
Growing Crops
Property in Transit
Historic Properties
Airport Runways and Aprons
Property Held in Foreign Trade Zone
Property Owned by a Charitable Organization for Low-Income Housing
Historic Properties Owned by Charitable Institutions
Nonprofit Community and Performing Arts Organizations
Economic Development
Family Wellness Centers
Educational Museums
Leased Tangible Personal Property
In Lieu of Tax or Tax Equivalent Payments
Tax Relief
Administrative Provisions
Elderly Low-Income Homeowners
Disabled Homeowners
Disabled Veterans
Additional Tax Relief
Property Tax Freeze Act
Real Property Tax Deferral
Chapter 831 Deferral
Chapter 659 Deferral
The Tax Levy
Certified Tax Rate
Levy in Excess of the Certified Rate
Special School Districts
Collection of Property Taxes
Timetable of Significant Dates and Activities in the Assessment and Collection of Ad Valorem Real Property Taxes*
Tax Roll
Tax Due Date
Payment of Taxes
Trustee's Commission
Early Payment and Discounts for Early Payment
Delinquency Date
Penalty and Interest
Settlement of Taxes
Refunds of Tax Payments
Collection of Delinquent Real Property Taxes
Delinquent Tax Deputies and Delinquent Tax List
Publication of the Delinquent Tax List
Delinquent Tax Attorney
Tax Lien
Notice Requirements
Delivery of Delinquent Tax List to Attorney and Acceptance of Delinquent Taxes
Municipal Taxes Collected as Part of Tax Suit
Certificate for Timber Cutting
Delinquent Tax Suit
Notice of Tax Suit
Annual List of Property in Tax Suits
Fees and Additional Expenses of the Tax Suit
Report Under Reference
The Tax Sale
Tax Sale Ledger
Confirmation of Sale and Tax Deed
Setting Aside a Tax Sale
Disposition of Property Purchased by County at Tax Sale
Escheat of Funds
Statute of Limitations
Miscellaneous Matters
Collection of Delinquent Personal Property Taxes
Methods of Collection
Transfer of Business Liability
Security Interest Sales
Sales and Use Taxes
State Sales and Use Tax
Streamlining Sales Tax
Local Option Sales Tax
Severance Taxes
Coal Severance Tax
Oil and Gas Severance Tax
County Mineral Severance Tax (General Law)
County Mineral Severance Tax (Private Act)