Reorder Book

Qualifications-Register of Deeds
Oath of Office and Bond-Register of Deeds
Compensation-Registers of Deed
Deputies and Assistants-Registers of Deed
Duties-Register of Deeds
Instruments to be Recorded or Filed
Bundle of Rights Theory
Identification and Purpose of Most Common Instruments Relating to Real Property
Instruments Affecting Interests in Personal Property
Uniform Commercial Code Records
Identification and Purpose of UCC Instruments (Records)
Other Documents
Requirements for Acceptance of Instruments
Name and Address of Owner and Taxpayer
Reference to Previously Registered Instruments
Name and Address of Preparer
Parcel Identification Number
Payment of Transfer or Mortgage Tax
Electronic Records
Specific Rules for UCC Records
Specific Rules for Plats
Payment of the Statutory Fees
Proper Fees for Recording or Filing
Standard Fees
Data Processing Fee
Electronic Filing Fee
Partnership Fee Issues
UCC Fee Issues
Collection of State Taxes
Transfer Tax
Mortgage Tax
Most Common Exemptions from Tax
Other Tax Issues
Notations When Instrument Received
Recording, Filing and Indexing
Real Estate Deeds of Title
Deeds of Trust
UCC Records
Miscellaneous Records
Combined or Continuous Records
Records and Computers
Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act ("URPERA")
Notice of Child Support Liens
Other Records Duties
Redaction of Personally Identifying Information
Military Discharge Records
Financial Accounting Duties
Deposits and Bank Accounts-Register of Deeds
Form of Payment
Reports-Register of Deeds
Fee System or Salary System-Register of Deeds
Relationship to Other County Officials-Registers of Deeds
Sources of Assistance for Register of Deeds