Board of Control - TN Corrections Institute

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The correctional services programs of the Tennessee Corrections Institute are under the direction of its Board of Control. The Board of control shall consist of seven (7) members: (1) The governor or the governor’s designee; (2) The commissioner of correction or the commissioner’s designee; (3) The chair of the department of criminal justice of an institution of higher education in Tennessee, who shall by appointed by the governor; (4) Two (2) sheriffs, who shall be appointed by the governor.  One (1) shall be from a county with a population of two hundred thousand (200,000) or more and one (1) shall be from a county with a population of less than two hundred thousand (200,000); (5) A county mayor, who shall be appointed by the governor; and (6) A chief of police or a county commissioner, who shall be appointed by the governor. T.C.A. § 41-7-105.

Public Chapter 972 (effective July 1, 2012) amends Tenn. Code Ann. § 41-7-104.  Provides that a fee of ten cents shall be collected for each completed telephone call made by an inmate housed in a local jail or workhouse.  Such fees shall be remitted by the telephone service provider to the state treasurer each quarter and credited to a special account in the state general fund designated as the local correctional officer training fund to be used exclusively to fund certification training provided through the Institute for local correctional personnel within the state.  Provides that the Institute’s Board of Control shall approve all expenditures from the fund.  Funds deposited in the account shall not revert to the general fund at the end of any fiscal year.