Board Membership

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The statutes do not establish who will serve on the beer board, how many members the board will have, a term of office for board members or whether the members of the board will be compensated for their time. If the county legislative body chooses to establish a county beer board, there should be a resolution of the county legislative body setting out specific information concerning the appointment procedure, qualifications of members, term of office, compensation and other necessary guidelines for the board. A county beer board serves at the will and pleasure of the county legislative body which appointed it; therefore, the county legislative body has the power to discharge the board and replace its members. Attorney General Opinion 82-325 (6/24/82). While there is no prohibition against a member of a county beer board obtaining or holding a license to sell beer, the Attorney General has opined that it is “undesirable” for a beer board member to obtain a beer permit as it presents an appearance of impropriety. Attorney General Opinion 84-209 (6/27/84).