Boards, Commissions, and Committees

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There are various boards, commissions and committees in county government in Tennessee.  Almost all of the boards, commissions and committees  are either required or authorized by state general law.  It is important to distinguish between boards, commissions and committees that have their basis in state statutory law and exercise authority independently of other bodies or officials as differing from those committees created by resolution of the county legislative body to study and make recommendations to the county legislative body that have no authority to act independently. Study committees created by the county legislative body to make recommendations to the body are not discussed.

If the statute provides for a board to be elected/appointed by the county legislative body, then the members of the county legislative body cannot serve on this board unless specifically authorized by statute.  However, if board members are appointed by the county mayor or some other officer subject to confirmation of the county legislative body, then county legislative body members may be appointed unless this is expressly prohibited.  Nevertheless, the member so appointed must not participate in his or her confirmation vote.