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Before the county legislative body can set a property tax rate for the county, the tax assessor is required to certify to that body the total assessed value of taxable property in the county, including the total assessed value of all new construction and improvements not included on the previous assessment roll, and the assessed value of deletions from the assessment roll. The county legislative body must then certify a tax rate which will provide the same revenue which was generated by the tax the previous year. For the purpose of calculating the certified rate, the county legislative body must use the taxable value appearing on the roll exclusive of taxable value of properties appearing for the first time on the assessment roll.1In calculating the certified tax rate, the county legislative body may adjust the calculation, according to a method approved by the State Board of Equalization, to reflect extraordinary assessment changes anticipated from appeals to the state or local boards of equalization. The State Board of Equalization shall order recapture of an excessive adjustment in the following year if the certified tax rate is found to have been overstated due to overestimation of the appeals adjustment, and in these cases the jurisdiction may exceed the recapture rate only after public hearing.2

The State Board of Equalization is authorized to establish policies providing a procedure or formula for calculating the certified tax rate. Prior to final determination of the certified tax rate by the county legislative body, a proposed certified tax rate, including supporting calculations, must be submitted to the executive secretary of the State Board of Equalization for review.  The executive secretary has fifteen days to report on the rate, and after this period passes, the county legislative body must determine the certified tax rate, which may be adjusted in accordance with the executive secretary's report, if one has been provided.3

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