County Bounty Committee

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The county legislative body may form a committee to administer and implement the provisions of the County Bounty Act. T.C.A. § 38-11-201 et seq. If formed, the committee consists of the director of schools or the director's designee, the sheriff or the sheriff's designee and an alliance member for a drug-free Tennessee appointed by the county mayor. This committee reviews the record of prosecutions and convictions for illegal drug trafficking in the county and compiles data to determine whether or not the county is following a pattern of aggressive action to eliminate illegal drug trafficking from within its boundaries. The committee makes a determination regarding what financial incentives are appropriate for the period under consideration and with the approval of the sheriff determines the percentage of funds from goods seized and forfeited from drug-related convictions that will be made available to the county school system for drug education and prevention programs subject to matching funds from county, state or federal governments.