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When a person is convicted of driving under the influence of an intoxicant for the first time on or after June 15, 2006, litter pickup is a mandatory condition of probation. If the offender is a resident of Tennessee, the litter removal portion of the sentence shall occur in the offender's county of residence.  If the offender is not a Tennessee resident, litter removal shall occur in the county where the violation occurred.  Each convict under this law must remove litter during the daylight hours from state route or state-aid county roads, unless relieved by the court due to physical limitations. The convict must report to the sheriff of the convict's residence with appropriate documentation to schedule work crews.  The sheriff must provide the D.U.I. offender with a list of scheduled times and dates for litter pickup. D.U.I. offenders may be worked separately or in conjunction with other county prisoner litter removal crews. Each D.U.I offender must wear a blaze orange or other distinctly colored vest with the words "I am a DRUNK DRIVER" stenciled or otherwise written on the back of the vest in letters no less than four inches in height.  Other than the vest, D.U.I. convicts are required to furnish their own clothes and food while on the litter removal assignment. The sheriff is not responsible for the transportation of the convict/probationer to the work site.  The sheriff may enter into agreements with any municipality in the county for D.U.I first offenders to pick up litter on state routes within the municipality; otherwise, the sheriff must work the crews in the unincorporated area of the county.  An agreement with the municipality may provide for the municipality taking responsibility for the supervision and control of the offenders while working in the municipality.  Also, if a governmental entity receives litter grant funds, the entity receiving such funds will have supervision of the D.U.I. first offenders; otherwise, the sheriff retains the responsibility to supervise these crews.  These offenders are required to pay the jailer's fee for misdemeanor convicts under T.C.A. §8-26-105 for each day of litter pickup prior to the sheriff certifying that the condition of probation has been fulfilled. 2006 Public Chapter 880; T.C.A. 55-10-403.