Duties and Powers

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The county board of equalization is the first level of administrative appeal for all complaints regarding the assessment, classification, and valuation of property for tax purposes. The county board's duties include examining and equalizing the county assessments, assuring that all taxable properties are included on the assessment lists, eliminating exempt properties from taxation, hearing complaints of aggrieved taxpayers, decreasing over-assessed property, increasing under-assessed property, and correcting clerical mistakes.1The county board of equalization has the power to obtain evidence concerning the classification, value, or assessment of any property by examining witnesses, hearing proof, and sending for persons and papers.2Board members have the power to administer an oath, and any person who willfully or corruptly swears falsely to any material fact before the board commits perjury and is indictable for such offense.3The county board may also examine assessors in order to ascertain the manner in which the classification, value, or assessment of property was determined4When a member of the county board knows or reasonably suspects that an assessor of property or deputy assessor has knowingly or willfully classified, valued or assessed any property in violation of the requirements of law, that member has a duty to report the violation to the district attorney general or other proper officer of the state for further proceedings.5

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