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When a beer board receives information concerning possible violations of the law by a beer permit holder, the board should refer the matter to appropriate law enforcement authorities. When necessary, however, the beer board may take investigatory action itself. The Tennessee Court of Appeals has held that a county beer board possesses continuing, supervisory powers to police permit holders after the issuance of the permit. In an unpublished opinion, the court of appeals found that a beer board was empowered to employ an undercover investigator after the county sheriff had refused to conduct an investigation concerning illegal sales of beer to minors. Jackson v. Franklin County Beer Board, 1993 WL 46524 (Tenn. Ct. App. 1993). Relying on this opinion, the Attorney General has opined that a beer board may hire a private investigatory firm to conduct undercover investigations concerning the sale of beer to minors, and that minors may be used in these investigations. Attorney General Opinion 01-062 (4/20/01).