Mineral Interests

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The owner of a mineral interest is required to register that interest with the assessor of property in the county in which the mineral interest is located by providing a deed reference number for the mineral interest and specifying where it lies, citing tax maps and parcel number of the surface owners. The State Board of Equalization provides assessors with forms for mineral interest owners to use.  All property registered and identified sufficiently to the assessor on July 1, 1987, and on which taxes have been paid through that time, does not require a subsequent registration.1

Back Assessment or Reassessment of Mineral Interests

Mineral interest owners are subject to back assessment if the property has previously escaped taxation. If the mineral interest is dormant, and the collector of taxes has not previously provided notice to the owner of the assessment of taxes, there shall be no back assessment of taxes, except that the owner of the mineral interest shall be liable for taxes accruing after July 1, 1987.

Failure to register a mineral interest with the property assessor by July 1, 1990, subjects the property to back assessment or reassessment and to a penalty of 25 percent of the assessment or back assessment of taxes. Failure to identify the location of a mineral interest pursuant to T.C.A. § 67-5-804 subjects the mineral interest owner who is currently paying taxes to penalty and interest. The penalty is 10 percent of the current assessment of the mineral interest. In addition, failure to identify the location of a mineral interest will render the owner unable to claim payment of taxes as use of a mineral interest against a surface owner's claim of abandonment under T.C.A. § 66-5-108.2

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