Motor Vehicle Titling and Registration

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The county clerk, as agent for the State Department of Revenue’s Vehicle Services Division, has very important duties with regard to the titling and registration of motor vehicles, motorized bicycles, trailers or semi-trailers when moved or driven on the highways of this state, and titling of certain mobile homes/manufactured homes.  These matters are covered in materials provided by the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

2021 Precious Cargo Act — Effective January 1, 2022, Public Chapter 55, known as the “2021 Precious Cargo Act” empowers citizens with an intellectual disability, developmental disability, or a medical condition, that may impede communications to law enforcement and first responders during a traffic stop or welfare check, to request the department include a designation of the need for assistance in the Tennessee Vehicle Title and Registration System (VTRS) database.  Citizens must request the designation with the initial application to register the motor vehicle or upon renewal.  The request must be accompanied by a written statement from a licensed physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, senior psychological examiner, or neurologist, stating that the operator of the vehicle has a disability or condition that may impede communications with law enforcement or first responders.  See Title 55, Chapter 21 of the Tennessee Code Annotated. 

The information submitted to the department must be provided to law enforcement and only be used to help ensure safe and efficient interaction with law enforcement and the person with a disability or medical condition.  Title 55, Chapter 21 of the Tennessee Code Annotated. 

Mail Orders of Plates and Decals ­— The county clerk provides a mail order service for the renewals of registrations.  Registrants may apply for and receive renewal plates or decals through the United States postal service.  Each county clerk may impose a fee of $5.00 for plates and $2.00 for decals for the service and handling mail orders.  T.C.A. § 55-4-105.