Other Issues Relative to Electronic Records

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Remote Electronic Access to County Records

Each county official has the authority to provide computer access and remote electronic access for inquiry only to information contained in the records of the office that are maintained on computer storage media in that office, during and after regular business hours.  However, remote electronic access to confidential records is prohibited.  The official may charge a fee to users of information provided through remote electronic access, but the fees must be in a reasonable amount determined to recover the cost of providing this service and no more.  The cost to be recovered must not include the cost of electronic storage or maintenance of the records.  Any such fee must be uniformly applied.  The official offering remote electronic access must file with the comptroller of the treasury a statement describing the equipment, software, and procedures used to ensure that this access will not allow a user to alter or impair the records.  This statement must be filed 30 days before offering the service unless the official has implemented such a system before June 28, 1997. T.C.A. § 10-7-123.