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The act contains a procedure whereby rightful owners may recover stolen property in the possession of pawnbrokers.  A party asserting ownership of property, which the party alleges is stolen and which is in the possession of a pawnbroker, may recover the property by making a report with any law enforcement agency giving the location of the property and providing proof of ownership, if the party made a report of the theft or loss of the property within thirty (30) days after knowledge of the theft or loss, and the party will assist in prosecution of the party pawning the property.  Unless the pawnbroker can show that it obtained proper proof of ownership from the person selling or pledging the property, the pawnbroker is required to surrender the property to law enforcement officials.  If the pawnbroker is in possession of the proper evidence of ownership, however, the party alleging ownership will be required to obtain a court order to recover the property.  T.C.A. § 45-6-213.