Replacement of Jail

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Whenever, in the opinion of a majority of the members of the county legislative body, two- thirds of them being present, the site of a jail is unhealthy, insecure or inconvenient in its location to the county, the town, or inhabitants of the town in which it is situated, or the interest and convenience of the town would be promoted by the removal of any of the same, the members may order a sale of the site and of the whole or part of the materials used in its construction; and they may also order that a more eligible, convenient, healthy or secure site be purchased and cause to be erected thereon a new jail better suited to the convenience of the town, and to secure the safe custody, health and comfort of inmates.  T.C.A. § 5-7-111. Henry v. Grainger County, 290 S.W. 2 (Tenn. 1926) (By statute provision is made for the sale of a courthouse or jail under certain circumstances and the purchase of another site and the erection of a new building.); Jackson v. Gardner, 639 F.Supp. 1005 (E.D. Tenn. 1986) (holding that the county must reduce the jail population and build a new workhouse).