Restrictions on Candidacy

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Under T.C.A. § 2-5-101, there are certain restrictions on how a candidate may qualify:

  1. No one may qualify with more than one political party for the same office;
  2. No one may qualify as an independent and a primary candidate for the same office in the same year;
  3. No one defeated in the primary or party caucus may qualify or appear on the ballot as the nominee of a different political party or as an independent in the general election;
  4. No primary candidate may appear on the ballot for the general election as a nominee of a different political party or as an independent; and
  5. No one may qualify for more than one state office or more than one constitutional county office or countywide office in an election. (Note that unless the qualifications for a particular office prevent it, a candidate may run for one county and one state office in the same election.)