State Board of Equalization

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Jurisdiction and Duties

The State Board of Equalization has jurisdiction over the valuation, classification and assessment of all properties in the state. The state board is responsible for performing the following duties: (1) receive, hear, consider and act upon complaints and appeals made to the board; (2) hear and determine complaints and appeals made to the board concerning exemption of property from taxation; (3) take whatever steps it deems are necessary to effect the equalization of assessments, in any taxing jurisdiction within the state in accordance with the laws of the state; (4) carry out such other duties as are required by law; and (5) provide assistance and information on request to members and committees of the General Assembly relative to the taxation, classification and evaluation of property.1In addition to its responsibility to hear complaints and appeals from actions of local boards of equalization, the state board reviews public utility and common carrier assessments made by the Comptroller of the Treasury.2

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