State Sales and Use Tax

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Authority.  T.C.A., Title 67, Chapter 6, Parts 1 through 6.

Description.  The sales and use tax in Tennessee is in the process of undergoing changes as a part of a national effort to streamline sales tax collections. Numerous reforms and changes to Tennessee law have been adopted by the General Assembly but not yet implemented. The implementation dates for these amendments were tied to certain developments at the national level, which have been delayed. As a result, many statutes regarding sales and use tax are expected to change but at an uncertain date. The description of the sales and use tax in this Section reflects the law as it reads prior to the implementation of certain of these changes related to the streamlining effort. The sales and use tax is imposed upon every person who (1) engages in the business of selling tangible personal property at retail in this state; (2) uses or consumes in this state any item or Article of tangible personal property; (3) is the recipient of certain specified things or services or who rents or furnishes any of the things or services taxable; (4) stores for use or consumption in this state any item or Article of tangible personal property; (5) leases or rents such property within the state, or charges admission, dues or fees, or sells space as defined in the statutes dealing with the sales tax; (6) charges a fee for subscription to television services; (7) leases or rents tangible personal property; (8) performs specifically taxable services; (9) sells or uses admissions, dues and fees on amusements; and (10) certain other specifically listed taxable activities. T.C.A. § 67-6-201.  The taxable privileges listed above are modified by numerous credits and exemptions. This tax is included as a source of county revenue because the state sales and use tax is the source of most of the state funds allocated to county school systems under the Basic Education Program (BEP). Counties do not receive a direct allocation from this tax as do municipalities.

The Tennessee Department of Revenue administers the tax, which is imposed upon every dealer engaging in a taxable privilege under this chapter.  T.C.A. § 67-6-501.  The current general state sales and use tax rate is 7 percent with an additional state tax of 2.75 percent levied on the amount in excess of $1,600 but less than or equal to $3,200 on sales of any single Article of personal property.  T.C.A. §§ 67-6-202 through 67-6-205.  Additionally, a number of statutes provide for variation of rates for different products (e.g., the rate for the retail sale of food and food ingredients is 4 percent).