Victim Notification

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In accordance with TCA 40-38-103(b), upon the request of a victim of violent crime involving serious bodily injury or death of a relative, the victim shall be supplied information and a request form by the law enforcement agency responsible for the investigation of the crime or the arrest of the defendant, the sheriff or other custodian of the defendant or the victim-witness coordinator as to how the victim or relative of a victim may request and secure notification of the release from custody of an offender from a jail or detention facility prior to trial. The jailer, sheriff or other custodian of criminal offenders shall maintain a record or file of the request forms and, prior to the release of an offender about whom a notification request has been made, give immediate and prompt notice of the release to the requesting victim or family member of a victim by the most direct means available, including telephone, messenger or telegram. Any identifying information contained in the request forms shall be confidential. For purposes of this subsection (b), "identifying information" means the name, home and work addresses, telephone numbers and social security number of the person being notified or requesting that notification be provided.